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Easy conference call

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Subtitling, Voice Over,

Audio Description,

Synthesized voices


Audio conferencing available 24/7 without a reservation
AudioConference-center offers a high-quality technical conferencing bridge developed to ensure reliable, efficient service. It manages communications, provides audio treatments, connects all participants, and broadcasts welcome and help voice messages.

A total offer

We are committed to providing you with superior quality service with our conferencing bridges on PMT Pro G3 platforms. Based on SmartDialog™ technology, our range of teleconferencing services gives you the comfort of a true meeting room. Our services are designed to manage all your conference calls simply and easily.


team6Global coverage

A conference call service accessible around the world.
Available worldwide, our conference call service can be accessed from any kind of phone: landline, mobile, phone cabin, etc. That means you can unite all your participants from all over the world, wherever they are, effortlessly and without extra charges.

Web-based interface controls

Web-based control interface
We provide a web-based control interface for your conference calls. This is a dedicated space where you can view your conference call rooms, consult meeting history (time, participants, etc.) as well as participants connected to the ongoing meeting.



team7A range of customised service

Supplementary customised services
Audio recording of your conference call. Meeting minutes sent by email including the list of participants and their arrival and departure times. Transcription, translation, summary and/or minutes of the exchanges and decisions made during the conference call.

Complete guaranteed security

100% secure virtual teleconferencing meeting rooms
The security of your conversations is guaranteed by assigning virtual teleconferencing meeting rooms protected by personal authentication codes. 24/7 service with no reservation required. The web-based control space allows you to see your meeting participants.