Phone’M chose to invest in computer-assisted translation tools (CAT) and translation memories (TM). Translators adapters work in post-editing to get better time savings and quality control, in order to produce a more competitive offer.

This offer is based on both internal and external resources:

Our internal resources:

An ongoing development of translation memories: in English EN, Spanish ES,  Latin-american spanish «latino», Italian IT, French FR, Portuguese PT and soon in «Portuguese Brasilian» BR.

It represents a working environment of more than 30 input and output formats. Compatibility TMX, TTX, TXML, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF and XML FastAlign / SDL / TMX.

The complete integration of a computer-assisted translation tool for Latin languages from European academic research: FR, ES, PT, IT, dedicated to subtitling and adaptation voice over.

Our external resources and partnerships:

Today, global leaders of language engineering make SaaS high-performance tools available to professionals. If so, these tools supplement the internal Phone’M resources.