logo-small22006-2012 is a company created by a group of engineers with over 10 years experience in the telecom industry and voice recognition and synthesis technologies. They had created France’s first automated telephone reception with voice recognition in 1997. Phone’M launched Samurai™Telecom Server, a multimode platform complete with the latest technology. Equipped with a native VoiceXML interpreter, Samurai™ could simultaneously handle digital and analog calls, VOIP, SMS and SMS+. Then in 2008, Phone’M offered Samurai™Workshop, a graphics developer workshop for vocal applications. Samurai™Workshop was the first native VoiceXML RAD environment.

The company’s expertise in voice recognition and synthesis technology has enabled us to strategically expand our operations into broadcast video, internet, and creating multimedia content for new Web Doc programs, MOOC, etc.

2013 Phone’M: a new beginning:

Multilingual subtitling, close-captioning, audio description (AD), voice over in post-production: many areas are supported by the progress made in voice recognition, voice synthesis, translation memories and digital help tools for audio video editing. On the other hand, conference calling has nearly always been VOIP. A 100% digital beginning.

Phone'M et la R&Dmatrice-logobpi-france

Under the aegis of the National Cinema and Animated Image Center’s RIAM (Research and Innovation in Audiovisual and Multimedia), Phone’M is researching and developing work aimed at optimising audio video treatment: subtitling, voice overs, and audio tools dedicated to audio description (AD).

Following an international study, the company forged ties with French academic circles and created an experimental area for studying the feasibility of different assisted digital approaches for consistent quality levels.